Monday, November 19, 2012

Why we went to StartupWeekend Bratislava 3…

54 hours of hard work, crazy fun, sleep deprivation, networking, overcoming challenges, learning… And much much more… This is what StartupWeekends are all about. This is the reason why I have been to all three StartupWeekends in Bratislava so far and why I don’t plan to stop anytime soon…

I have heard that some people complained that we joined SWBA3, even though we already had a team and a working prototype of our product. Honestly, I had similar feelings during the previous StartupWeekends.

However, we didn’t come to win the StartupWeekend. We knew that this would actually disqualify us from winning.

We came for all the other things that is StartupWeekend.

We came because we had some big challenges we thought were worthy of tackling and that we were not able to solve alone.

We came to meet all the great people.

And we came for all the priceless feedback.

Originally, we also wanted to join with some crazy idea like running from cats or blame it on the bird. And just enjoy the spirit of the StartupWeekend in full. From zero to something, WOW…

But we decided we didn’t want to start a project just to abandon it after the weekend. We are committed to see Instando succeed and we knew we would have neither the time nor the resources to carry on with a new project right now.

We didn’t want to cause any misunderstandings or leave any bad feelings. I hope our decision is a bit clearer now. I think it was definitely worth it: we had a great time, did some great work, met amazing new people and learned priceless new lessons.

That’s what I think StartupWeekends are all about…

PS: Please feel free to disagree, I would really love to hear your feedback and resolve any misunderstandings.